Dear mass media representatives!
Accreditation is required to work at OMR2022. Accreditation is obligatory and is implemented in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “About Mass Media”.
Accreditation Rules
  1. Editorial staff of mass media registered in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “ About Mass Media” is entitled to accreditation at OMR.
  2. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse accreditation for the persons representing advertising agencies, editions, catalogues and internet-resources that do not publish industrial or economic news.
  3. Accreditation ensures the right to visit free of charge the Exhibition, Conference and Press-conference and other events following the International OMR program, where the journalists will be provided with the information materials.
  4. Access to Round-table meetings is limited and shall be confirmed by the Organizing Committee.
  5. Accreditation does not suppose presence at the events requiring special invitations.
  6. Accreditation does not ensure the right to distribute promotion materials (leaflets, booklets, printed editions) on OMR venue.
  7. Distribution of advertising materials without written permit of the Organizing Committee is prohibited.
  8. Due to the great interest to the event, restrictions are imposed on the number of accreditations provided to each mass media:
  • For printed editions, radio and internet-resources – not more than 2 persons from each mass media
  • For television – not more than 4 representatives from each TV-company

Accreditation badges will be given at the Mass Media Registration Desk
  1. The badge shall be given on condition of:
Having a confirmed On-Line application for Accreditation
  • or
Presenting an Editorial Credentials
  • or
A Letter on the Official Editorial letterform signed by the head with the seal affixed

The badge given upon accreditation is personalized and can not be transferred to the third persons. One must have it with him/her during all the event.
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