OMR will demonstrate the potential of the shipbuilding industry in Russia and in the world and present the advanced experience in offshore and transport construction as an important segment of the shelf infrastructure development. Participants of the event will show their innovations in the field of design of all types of vessels, equipment and materials for construction of offshore platforms and technological systems for oil/gas exploration and production on the shelf.
Why you should take part in OMR
  • OMR is the first international specialized exhibition, which is dedicated on shelf shipbuilding and shelf infrastructure development.
  • OMR is a full understanding of modern technical solutions at all stages of the development of offshore energy resources.
  • OMR is a presentation of the latest technologies and equipment for the development of offshore oil and gas.
  • OMR is the best practices maritime and transport construction as an important segment of the infrastructure development of the shelf.
  • OMR is a platform for negotiations, searching new business partners and strengthening existing business contacts.
Exhibit profile
  • Exploration of oil & gas fields (deposits)
  • Vessels. Shipboard equipment
  • Construction, development and exploitation of offshore oil & gas fields fields
  • Raw materials for shelf development
  • Marine transportation of hydrocarbons
  • Navagation and communications
  • Ensuring safety on the ship and at sea. Marine medicine
  • Hydrotechnical and transport construction
  • Ports and port equipment
  • Aviation equipment
  • Construction and development of oil & gas fields fields
  • Drilling equipement and tools
  • Extraction, storage and transportation of hydrocarbons
  • Oil refining and petrochemicals
  • Service engineering, equipment and technologies for offshore oil & gas development
  • Power and electrical equipment
  • Automation of oil & gas production and transportation
  • IT for offfshore and shipbuilding
  • Industrial and health safery
  • Mass media
  • Other
For cost of participation in OMR 2022 Exhibition please contact the Organiser:
Julia Boublits
Tel.: + 7 (812) 320 6363, ext. 746 +7 (965) 771 77 32
E-mail: bublits@restec.ru
St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 320 6363, ext. 746
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